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Meet Nudacris

Feline DBT Specialist

Nudacris isn’t your typical Sphynx cat. With his sleek, hairless body and piercing eyes, he’s more than just a pet—he’s a catalyst for change. Trained in the art of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Nudacris is on a mission to help individuals gain the skills to build a life worth living. Nudacris brings a fresh perspective to the world of feline counseling. Despite his hairless exterior, Nudacris exudes warmth and understanding, making him the perfect companion for clients navigating the complexities of emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
Nudacris is a master of empathy and connection. He has an uncanny ability to sense the emotions of others, offering comfort and support with a simple purr or nuzzle. Whether he’s curled up in a client’s lap or gently nudging them to check the facts when emotion mind takes control, Nudacris’s presence is a calming force to help client’s access their wise mind.